November 16, 2019

Is Captain Marvel more powerful than Scarlet Witch? | Igor11 Comics

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One of the most asked question after the release of Marvel Studio's Captain Marvel movie is that who is more powerful Captain Marvel or Scarlet Witch? The answer is ....... keep reading for the answer.

Today, we will look at some important points and informations to draw a conclusion and a winner.
The comparison will be based on comics only.

a picture of Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel by Igor11 Comics

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Now that you have done that, Let's start the comparison.

Strength, Abilities and Weakness

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

The character possess absolute superhuman strength and durability. She can withstand mega force roughly equal or even more than 92 tons and strike with same level of force or even more. In Binary state, She can even absorb the energy of White hole allowing her to fully manipulate stellar energies.

an image of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers with a red, yellow, blue background.

If we talk about the abilities of Captain Marvel, there are plenty of abilities which makes the character so strong. Carol is immune to all types of toxins and poison. She has a limited precognitive seventh sense. Carol has ability to fly with very high speed literally light speed travel. She can survive in space.

Basically, Captain Marvel is an energy cannon who is highly durable with extreme raw damage output.

The only weakness of Captain Marvel is mystic energy and magic which is where Scarlet Witch has strong hold.

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Scarlet Witch has no power or strength limit. No one can tell you the exact level of power of Scarlet Witch or even her abilities. Why? Because she was created that way. The creators gave her the "Hex Power" which literally doesn't have any limit. Originally Scarlet Witch is a mutant but in movies she drives her power from one of the Infinity Stone which makes her a much weaker version compared to that of the Comics version.

an image of Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff using her chaos magic.

She has ability to manipulate chaos magic which has power to do anything at her will. She can resurrect dead. She can warp reality which means she can change the reality as she did in House of M Comics series. Scarlet Witch can resist the Phoenix Force, in fact she has defeated Jean Grey (Phoenix).

Even the Phoenix Five from Avengers vs X-men were afraid of Scarlet Witch.

So, what's her weakness? I know you might be having these questions.

Her chaos magic can literally do anything, whether its about changing the law of physics and science or any energy. The only weakness of Scarlet Witch is Scarlet Witch herself.

Who Wins?

Captain Marvel might be the strongest in terms of sheer strength and stellar energy manipulation but when you come out of that there is dark and magical world where the strength and stellar energy of Captain Marvel doesn't help her. Scarlet Witch is no doubt one of the most deadliest character we ever had in Marvel Comics.

An exclusive poster of Captain Marvel versus Scarlet Witch by Igor11 Comics.

Since, Scarlet Witch has crushed the Phoenix Force which is just another level, we can't compare Captain Marvel against her. Captain Marvel isn't just capable enough to defeat or even survive Scarlet Witch.

Captain Marvel can not manipulate mystic energy while Scarlet Witch has limitless access to Chaos magic.

an image containing scarlet witch with chaos magic and captain marvel in binary form.

In a case where they pit against each other, Scarlet Witch will overcome the energy absorption of Carol or even use the power of Captain Marvel against her. Otherwise, Scarlet Witch can simply alter reality and make Carol normal human being with no power. Yes, she can do that.

Now, if anyone ask you who is more powerful Captain Marvel or Scarlet Witch? You know the answer.


I like both characters, they both are very different. It is not fair to compare a character with limited abilities and power with someone with limitless power. Captain Marvel is about awesome combat fights which include flight, punches, kicks, blasts, explosions, etc. but Scarlet Witch is out of her league, Scarlet doesn't need any of those abilities to overpower her.

So, I just cleared your thoughts by putting some points. You still have question? Dissatisfied with the comparison? Want to put up your own point? Want more comparison?

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