August 29, 2019

Eddie Morgan | Best Comic Artist of Igor11 Insiders Group

Best Comic Artist of Insiders Group

Welcome back everyone, Today we are going to have a look at one of our Insiders who inspired and motivated other Insiders by his art work. If you don't know about Igor11 Insiders then click here to learn more.

The unofficial fan poster of Igor11 Comics by the artist Eddie Morgan.
Igor11 Comics | Art by Eddie Morgan
In short, you can join our Insiders Group to be an integral part of Igor11 Community where you can share your knowledge/content related to Comics. We appreciate your contribution towards the community and therefore we offer a shout-out to the most inspiring Insiders on our website. 

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Now that you all know that what is the meaning of Igor11 Insider, lets get started.

Eddie Morgan

Eddie Morgan is our first Insider who constantly uploaded his art work and inspired us consistently. Eddie joined the Insiders as member but because of his dedication toward the community, he is a moderator of the group presently. 

Painting of Captain America by the artist Eddie Morgan.
Eddie Morgan

We all start from zero but we ramp up with our own dedication and perseverance. The art works of Eddie usually consist classic Black and White comics strips. Some of the famous ones are Cyclops & Wolverine, Night Nurse, Sentinels, X-Men. 

Lets take a look at those art works ourselves. 

1. Cyclops vs Wolverine 

In this art work, we see classic black-suited Cyclops fighting Wolverine. We can see Cyclops attacking Wolverine by his beam while Wolverine uses his adamantium claws to attack Cyclops.

A painting of Cyclops fighting Wolverine made by artist Eddie Morgan.
Cyclops vs Wolverine | Art by Eddie Morgan
This Art work was completed on 26th December 2018 and it was soon featured on the Igor11 Insiders Group where it attracted many eyes.

2. Front page of Yeet Comics

This is the front page design of famous Sci-Fi Crime heroes series by Yeet Comics. The Art work was completed in the month of May 2019.

Recreation of a front page of Yeet Comics by artist Eddie Morgan.
Yeet Comics Front page | Art by Eddie Morgan 

 3. Night Nurse

Based on the Marvel character Night Nurse, this one is also a front design of a comic from the Night Nurse series. In this art work, we can notice that the character is saying that she quit her job and the mob behind her is horrified.

A recreated poster of Marvel's Night Nurse Comics by artist Eddie Morgan.
Night Nurse | Art by Eddie Morgan

4. Colossus, Wolverine and X-23

This image is a recreation of a poster consisting Colossus, Wolverine and X-23. The black & white poster is made on paper by Eddie giving it the old nostalgic look. 

A black and white drawing of Colossus, Wolverine and X-23 by artist Eddie Morgan
Colossus, Wolverine and X-23 | Art by Eddie Morgan

In the poster, we can feel the rage of Wolverine and X-23 whereas a confident smile on the face of Colossus. 

5. X-Men Action poster

This is one of our favorite poster from Eddie. The posture and intensity of this art work is so amazing that you can feel it. We see major X-Men characters including Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Night Crawler, Cyclops. 

Black and White poster of the X-men including Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and others by Eddie Morgan.
X-Men Action poster | Art by Eddie Morgan

Can you guess the other two character? Write their names in the comment section down below.

6. Daredevil Comics Front page

This is the front page of Daredevil: The Man Without Fear Comics. We see the former foe of Daredevil, Bullseye. 

A recreation of Marvel's Daredevil comic front page having Bullseye and Daredevil by artist Eddie Morgan.
Daredevil: The Man without Fear | Art by Eddie Morgan
In the art work, we see Daredevil beating someone while his foe just behind him i.e Bullseye. Bullseye says that he never misses his target.

7. X-Men vs the Sentinels

In the era of the mighty Sentinels, the x-men faced extremely tough time. This art reveals the same. We can X-men including Colossus, Storm, Jean, Wolverine fighting the Sentinels with all their powers.

Black and white poster of Sentinels attacking the X-men from all side by artist Eddie Morgan.
X-men vs Sentinels | Art by Eddie Morgan
Sentinels are specially designed robots to kill and end the whole mutant race, which is evident in the image that how those sentinels easily overpowered the Mutants.

8. The Incredible Hulk 

We all think that Bruce Banner and Hulk are the same personality but it isn't true. 
The character has some major issues with its own inner self. Hulk thinks that he is stronger and Bruce is weak.

Recreation of the front page of The Incredible Hulk Comics issue #169 by Eddie Morgan.
The Incredible Hulk
Both of the personality has personal disagreement with each other and this recreated poster explains the same.


One more budding artist insider is Tommy Laccorn, he also has some nice drawing skills. To encourage his talent, let me showcase some of his art works.

You can follow Tommy Laccorn here.

1. Wolverine vs Venom

Not so perfect looking but I must say that it looks good. 

A drawing of Wolverine fighting Venom by artist Tommy Laccorn.
Wolverine vs Venom | Art by Tommy Laccorn

 2. Wolverine

This one has a lot more detail than the previous one. 
"Wolverine: The toughest man alive" is written on the page while it is clear that Wolverine is running and he is being attacked.

A drawing of Wolverine being attacked while running by artist Tommy Laccorn.
Wolverine | Art by Tommy Laccorn


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This is the end of the roundup, it was fun having such wonderful art works on the Insiders Group. I hope to see you sharing your specialty with us in the Igor11 Insiders group. You have a big chance to be featured in the next roundup, So join us now.

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