Igor11 Insider

Igor11 Insider 

What is Igor11 Insider? 

Igor11 Insider, is a membership for comic fans to become an exclusive member of Igor11 Comics.
All members who join the Igor11 Insider Group will be considered as an Insider, and they will avail exclusive benefits.

What is the Program about?

This Program provides an opportunity for a normal and casual person to showcase his skills worldwide within a day (it might take longer depending on the type of content).


Each month, Our Experts will give a chance to the most active and responsive Insider member to feature their skill on our Website. It can be anything related to Comics.

Let's suppose an Insider named John is chosen and he is a very good gamer of a Comic based game (any platform) like Marvel Contest of Champions or Injustice 2.
Then, We will give a Chance to John to feature his Gameplay skills on our Website and become famous and boost his business in a single day.

This is a small example, the possibilities are endless.

How to become an Insider?

To become an Insider, Please perform these steps:
  1. Subscribe to our Email services, to get the updates, from our website.
  2. Follow our Official Facebook Page.
  3. Join our Insider Group
  4. Be active on the Group and follow our terms and announcement.
That's all it takes to become an Insider.
But all Insiders must be active on the page as well as the group.

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Igor11 Insider Program

What if you become inactive?

We certainly hope that none of our users will get bored from our exciting content, but still, if any Insider is inactive for any reason, they will be losing their chances of getting featured on our website.

We request our users to be kind and active. We are creating a community of new and open-minded people who are eager for big opportunities.

Why are we doing this?

Igor11 Comics, started from zero and it is at a good height but it took a lot of time and effort to reach there.
When our Founder started this company, he had no support or bank balance. So he knows about the struggle of a common man who has just started his online presence.

We are nothing without our users and fans, and Hence with the Insider Program, we are giving away a thanking gift and opportunity back to our own users. 

We would be glad to see our users getting a boost in their own business using our platform.

What's our vision behind this?

Our Vision is to promote Comic Content and to find out outstanding and fresh talent for its development.

Research proves that the normal life of an average human is full of tension and stress, and something refreshing like Comics can be a really good option for them to release their stress, so if we start promoting Comics from a ground level, it would make a positive and drastic change in the society.

Some Exceptional Scenario:

If a person isn't active on the Insider Group, but he/she wants to be featured in our Official Website, then they can contact us on Facebook Messenger with a demo of their content. (textual, graphics, video, or anything).
After the review of the content, we will give a response.

Some Extra Features: *

We will be giving away some cool merchandises in the future to our Fans, which might include:
  • Coupons 
  • T-Shirts (Igor11 Comics)
  • Igor11 Bags 
Lucky Insiders may get bigger merchandises as well, but they will be given as winning prize for our annual Igor11 Fest.

* We are currently working on it, it is not the program right now, but we will update it as soon as we sort out everything.


Thank You.

Best of Luck!

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