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Igor11 Comics, is an entertainment website which write about Comicbooks, movies, TV shows and games from both Marvel and DC.

We publish contents, like explanation of certain Comic book storyline, Movie/TV shows trailer breakdown, Comic movies/series review, new games based on Comic characters, and we will continue to add more categories in the future.

At Igor 11 Comics, we are determined to provide quality content to our viewers with a goal to be flexible enough to adapt your suggestions, so that our users get more relevant contents.

We always believe that our user are on the top of our priority, hence, feel free to reach us.

The harsh and fast lifestyle has made almost everyone quite restless, and that's the thing we want to change by providing entertaining Comic content for free to everyone.

Our content is and will always be suitable for every age group.

We don't just write about Comics, We take inspiration from them.

We will always try to motivate our users by giving Comic references, for eg. "What do we learn from Tony Stark Iron Man?" or What we learn from Batman?"
The answer is perseverance, determination, physical fitness and many more.

In simple words, directly or indirectly. We all are Superheroes. A farmer who is producing crops is also a superhero because he is saving thousands of lifes.

There are a lot of new things to be added like Igor 11 Games, Igor11 Merchandise and Igor11 Exclusive Comics, Igor 11 foundation. We are looking forward to lead our youth to a better and different future.

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By: Igor

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