July 8, 2019

War of the Realms | Episode 5 | Issue #5

Episode 5

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War of the Realms episode 5 based on issue #5 introduction image

The Episode 4 was epic, we saw that all the realms united to fight against Malekith. All the Gods, Mortals, Warriors, Dwarves and everyone else got ready for the war. Thor is back and he is leading the team. Everyone is ready for the war, are you?

This episode is set in two different timelines, one is the present timeline and another is the past timeline which actually happened just after Episode 4 but before the present timeline. War begins in the Midgard and everyone fought with all their might but is that enough to defeat the evil Malekith?


Scene 1

Location: Wakanda

We see the Dora-Milaje leader Okoye along with Lady Sif, Hildegarde, and Angela fighting against the Winged Angels of Hel. One of the Angel ask them to surrender but Okoye told her that Malekith should have told the Angels about them.

Dora Milaje, Lady Sif and Angela fighting the War Angels in Wakanda

We then hear the voice of Shuri, she explains that she was broadcasting via African Channel and told everyone to give their best.

King T'Challa asks his sister Shuri to keep the Helicarrier in position and reveals that it was the will of the Gods.

Black panther riding a horse while Punisher and Light Elves get ready for war

Then we see Punisher and Light Elves. Punisher instruct the Light Elves to go for the head, but the Light Elves already knew how to spill the blood of the Angels.

The Punisher and his Light Elf Brigade fight to reclaim the skies but they were not alone. We hear a loud and harsh Thunder sound and we see the God of Thunder, Thor, knocking down the Angels in the sky.

Punisher and Light Elves using their guns and Thor using his Thunder

The Thunder was so wild that it was felt all around the globe. 

Scene 2

Location: Uruguay 

Amora the Enchantress and her Risen Dead army wanted to have a claim over the South America to turn it into their new Dusk Lands but She was opposed by the Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider fighting Amora the Enchantress

He uses all his power and knock down the deads and Amora. 

Then we have a look at the Sorcerers Supreme (Doctor Strange) and King of Niffleheim (Balder the Brave). Balder was driving the Hell Charger while Strange was hanging on the doors with an axe in his hand. 

Balder was not the king to the Giant Spiders, then who was leading them? They found their leader in none other than Spidey.

Doctor Strange and Balder the brave on Hell Charger, Spiderman leading Giant spiders of Hel

Soon, we have a look at Ulik (King of Trolls) being beaten up by Thunder Hulk (She-hulk with Asgardian Hammer). Other heroes including Luke, Ironfist, Daredevil and Deadpool were also fighting the trolls. The trolls were tough to kill and brainless stubborn creatures, but still Deadpool was telling jokes. LOL..

Thunder Shehulk fighting Ulik the King of Trolls and Luke Cage, Iron fist, Daredevil, Deadpool fighting other trolls

Roxxon company deactivated all the communication in accordance with a deal with Malekith. 
Broo along with Gorilla Man (Agent of Wakanda) hacked the Roxxon server and activated the communication. They were unable to hack the Antarctica server though.

Broo announced that to everyone on Thor's side that the communication system was online. They are ambushed by an army of Hulked-out Super soldiers named Berserkers Squad. Gorilla Man calls up for help.

Broo and Gorilla man rescued by Blade, Ka-Zar and Vanir Gods after hacking Roxxon Corporation

Then we see the Daywalker (Blade), Ka-Zar along with Vanir Gods approaching to take care of the Berserkers Squad.

Scene 3

Location: Antarctica

Agent Roz Solomon and Jane Foster travels to Antarctica to regain the control over the communication from Roxxon but they are stopped by the greedy Dario Agger, he turns into his Minotaur form and attacks both the ladies.

Agent Roz Solomon and Jane Foster fighting Minotaur Dario Agger at Antartica

But before he could harm them, Jane puts her spear Gungnir into Dario. On the other hand, Agent Roz kept on firing up her Vibranium bullets. 

Scene 4

Location: Shanghai 

We see Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi and Hawkeye fighting the fire demons of Muspelheim. Hercules and Moon Knight were fighting Goblins in Sinai. Some of the Light Elves reinforced the Winter Guards at Volgograd.

Shang-Chi, Hawkeye (Ronin), Wolverine, Hogan and Fandral fighting at Shanghai against the fire goblins

In the parallel street in Shanghai, we see Hogan, Fandral and Wolverine. Hogan welcomes Wolverine but he doesn't reply because he was focused on only one thing at that time - killing the Demons.

Scene 5

Location: Manhattan

In this scene, we see Frost Giants roaming everywhere in Manhattan. Some brave superheroes were still there to fight those Icy Giants.

Ironman, dwarves in war-machine armor and fantastic four fighting Frost Giant of Jotunheim

We see Ironman along with Dwarves wearing their new, shiny and weapon loaded War Machine Armors. 

They were accompanied by the Fantastic Four including the Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic. 

Laufey was facing a tough time against the Fantastic Four though. 

Scene 6

Location: London

We see both Captain America and Captain Britain fighting side by side against the Dark Elves. Captain Britain was afraid that the Elves will end up ruining France as well, but Captain America says that they would defeat them there as well.

Captain Britain and Captain America fighting the Dark elves at London

Then we see, Thori and Bats (the Ghost dog) together fighting against the War witches. Thori says that he was the best eater of Witches in all of the Realms. While Bats says that he will haunt the witches until they leave.

Then we see Volstagg, he was controlling the greatest weapon of Asgard, The Destroyer. He was fighting against Kurse. He was not fit to fight physically but his spirit was the only thing which helped him the Destroyer Armor so efficiently. 

Volstagg punches Kurse so hard that he fall off a yard away and then we hear that Thunder sound again all around the Globe.

Volstagg using Destroyer armor to defeat Kurse

It was Thor, and he uses his power of Lightning and Thunder to help his ally all around the Globe. 
Spiderman welcomes Thor by telling him that he was very happy to see him in action again.

Thor smashed his hammer against the head of a Frost Giant. He spins his hammer with all his might which knocked down all the enemies around him. The Thunder was roaring in the sky and the lighting was so bright that it could blind any ordinary mortal. 

Thor spinning his hammer and challenging Malekith

Thor furiously calls Malekith, but he didn't know that he was hiding himself somewhere else.



Something happened which led Daredevil to bring Thor to a place which completely shocked him. The war was raging upon Midgard still Daredevil dragged Thor to this place, then must have been important. Yes, It was. Important enough that it could reveal the way to defeat Malekith and his forces.

Scene 1

Location: The Sun, Asgard

We see Daredevil and Thor on a flying Asgardian boat. Daredevil tells Thor that he had the ability to hear every scream in the New York City and he believed that it was the maximum ability he could achieve but then he got the Sword of Heimdall and he was now able to hear the scream of all the livings. He adds that most of the people on Midgard were screaming.

Daredevil takes Thor to Asgard and show him the Yggdrasil (the World Tree)

Thor replies that they were not suppose to be there and they should go back to Midgard to fight the war but Daredevil had something more important to show Thor.

He takes him to the burning Sun and the scene was epic. Thor sees Yggdrasil grown up on the Sun. It was an unbelievable scene for anyone to see a tree growing up on a burning Sun. 

Daredevil explains that when there was a seed of Yggdrasil growing in Asgardia when the city was destroyed in the Sun. The seed was too strong to be burnt in the Sun. Instead it rooted in the fire of the Sun and matured.

Thor proceeding towards Yggdrasil to get his answer

Thor continued to ask more question but Daredevil tells him that he couldn't offer him another question and if Thor wanted the answers then he must pay the price. Daredevil meant that only the world tree could educate him but since it had grown on a burning Sun, Thor had to lie down on the molten lava of the Sun until he gets all the answer along with a way to defeat Malekith.

Thor was ready for every challenge approaching him, he gives his axe Jarnbjorn to Daredevil and ask him to hurl it with all his might and nail Thor to the World Tree. Finally, Thor asks Daredevil to ignore his screams. 

Scene 2

Location: Ruins, Asgard

Jane along with Heimdall come back to Asgard looking for Thor. Jane hear the screams and ask Heimdall if he could hear them as well. Heimdall replies that his all-hearing ability wasn't lost and he could hear the scream as well as smell the stench of burning God-Flesh.

Jane Foster and Heimdall at Asgard to find Thor

Jane understood that it was Thor. She says that she seeks the answers as well and proceed forward to help him but Heimdall stops her (being sympathetic about her health condition). Jane was not willing to leave Thor alone at any cost and she proceeds.

She was aware that every particle of Asgard follows her will and so does the broken hammer in front of her.

Jane Foster picks up the hammer and becomes Lady Thor again

She picks it up and a huge lighting shines bright in the sky. 

Woohoo!! Lady Thor is back.

Scene 3

Location: The Sun, Asgard

We see Thor lying on the surface of the Sun, his flesh was burning and he was definitely in enormous pain but he was speaking only a single sentence; "There must be a way".

Scene 4

Location: Stonehenge 

We see Malekith, he returned back from Svartalfheim along with Lady Freyja and Odin. He hung Odin and Freyja on the stones.Wait... What?? They didn't die? 

Malekith uses magical barriers all around the Stonehenge which only Thor can cross. If anyone else would try passing the barrier, Odin and Freyja would die.

Malekith torturing Odin and Freyja at Stonehenge

He dramatically calls Thor to fight him, but Odin interrupts and stops Thor because he knew that it was a trap. Malekith tortures Odin by the venom symbiote inside him. 

Odin was badly injured that he couldn't speak. Malekith calls Thor again but do you think that he would come?


The episode was epic as I told you in the beginning. I am excited about Episode 6 because it would consist Lady Thor as well. That would be great.

What your favorite scene from this Episode? What are your thoughts about the next episode?

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