July 15, 2019

Marvel's Civil War | Final Episode | Episode 7 | Issue #7

Final Episode

Welcome back, Today is the finale of our Civil War Comics Series. We had a tremendous love and support from our wonderful readers like you. We have been working extensively on the last episode to give you the best. We are thankful to Marvel Comics and their respective writers, artists and all members who helped in bringing this amazing storyline.

Official Poster of Marvel's Civil War Episode 7 based on Issue #7 written by Mark Millar from Marvel Comics at Igor11 Comics

Lastly, we would like to thank our team members for further help in the development of Igor11 Series. 

The previous episode was completely upside down. Be it Namor rejecting Captain's request, Punisher beaten by Captain, Superheroes getting training in SHIELD Base or superheroes getting out of the Negative Zone. Well this episode is even more intense. We all know that the last face to face fight is about to happen in this episode, but who would win? Are you supporting Ironman or Captain America? 

Shall we begin? YEAH!! Let's Go...

Scene 1

Location: Negative Zone

This episode begins with the voice of Captain America, and he says AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!. The final fight begins.

Captain America saying Avengers Assemble in Marvel's Civil War Issue #7 at Negative Zone


Bishop was on the side of Ironman. He said that he thought he was among the Avengers while fighting Vision who was on the side of Captain. Suddenly Captain kicks Bishop with his leg and push his face towards the ground.

Vision and Bishop fighting each other and Captain America beats Bishop.

Then we see Ironman attacking Falcon by his repulsor beams. Taskmaster attacking the Young Avengers. 

In the security rooms, some SHIELD Agents were about to close all the gates of Ryker's Island but they were knocked by Black Panther and Dagger. Black Panther tries to find some codes to keep the Negative Zone's gate open. 

Inside the Negative Zone, Spiderman was about to attack Ironman but he is stormed by the Thunderbolts.

Spiderman beaten by Lady Deathstrike and Ironman fighting Luke Cage

Maria Hill orders to close the gates of Negative Zone. Black Panther knew that if the gate is closed then none of them can escape from it. Therefore, Dagger asks Cloak to teleport everyone outside the Baxter Building. Cloak tells that it was not possible since their were around a hundred superheroes over there.

Superheroes fighting each other in Marvel's Civil War 2006 Issue #7

But Dagger insist and explains that if he doesn't teleport them then they would be locked inside the negative zone forever. 

Cloak puts his maximum effort and pull all the superheroes towards him. 

Scene 2

Location: Outside Baxter Building

For some moment, it was all blank and dark but suddenly we see all the superheroes falling outside the Baxter Building.

All superheroes falling outside Baxter Building of Fantastic Four.

Captain ask his flying team members to help others to land properly. Ironman orders the regular units to escort the civilians to safety. 

In the meantime, Human Torch attacks Ironman from the back but Ironman was smart enough to counter him with a hard punch on the face.

Ironman beating Human Torch and Policemen rescuing civilians.

All the Policemen were escorting the civilians, women and children to safety. Due to the fight between the two teams, all the nearby buildings and infrastructures were getting destroyed. 

We see Spidey, he was advancing toward Reed while beating up other members. Spidey punches Reed and starts beating him, Reed was shocked to see Spiderman fighting against him.

Spiderman fighting Thunderbolts and Reed Richards

On the other side, Ironman asks his team about Captain and says that he is very dangerous to be left alone. Then we see the members of team Thunderbolt beating Captain. Lady Deathstrike and Venom says that they disagree on Captain being dangerous and they badly hurt Captain. 

Lady Deathstrike hold the neck of Captain and try to choke him but Captain smiles. She ask him the reason and mock him. Captain was smiling because he saw Namor and his army approaching towards them.

Thunderbolts (Venom and Lady Deathstrike) beating Captain America

Then we look towards the sky and witness the epic entrance of the King of Atlantis and his Army. Namor shouts "IMPERIUS REX" which is the declaration of War or Battle cry.

Namor with his army advancing toward Captain and Thunderbolt

Shehulk gets tensed after seeing Namor joining the Battle. She says to Ironman that they don't stand a chance since Namor joined the battle. Ironman replies that she needed not to worry since he already had a plan. Ironman then calls up the Champions Protocol. 

We see Cyborg Thor along with Champions storming towards Namor and his army. All of them pit against each other.

Thor along with the Champions advancing to fight Namor and his army.

In the meantime, Ironman and Captain comes face to face. Ironman says that the battle was leading them to no conclusion and he adds that he hope to hurt Captain less than Petrochemical Plant battle. 

Ironman vs Captain America in Marvel's Civil War final battle and Vision wrecks Ironman suit

Captain already had a plan and he calls up Vision and Vision uses his phasing ability to dismantle the suit of Ironman. The suit of Ironman was not functional anymore. Captain then uses his shield to attack Ironman and crack his helmet. Cyborg Thor tries to backup Ironman but he is stopped by a strong punch of Hercules. 

Captain America beating Ironman while Hercules beats Thor

On the other side, Susan notice that someone was pushing a truck to keep away the Champions and Namor's Army. She proceed to the backside and found out that it was the Thing, who was trying to save policemen through that truck.

The Thing saving civilians with the help of truck while Taskmaster shoots Reed Richards

Taskmaster fires a bullet targeting Susan from the back but she is saved by the sacrifice of Reed. Reed pass out after getting hit by the bullet. Susan gets furious and uses her force field to suppress Taskmaster inside the ground.

Susan kills taskmaster while Hercules picks up Thor's Hammer.

Then we see Hercules and Cyborg Thor fighting each other. Hercules furiously calls him an impostor because he knew the real Thor since they were friends. Then Hercules smashes the head of Cyborg Thor with the hammer.

Hercules smashing the skull of Cyborg Thor

We go back to the place Captain was beating Ironman. Captain was continuously attacking the cracked helmet of the suit and finally he breaks it.

Captain America breaks the helmet of Ironman in Marvel's Civil War 2006 Issue #7.

After breaking the helmet, Captain stops for a while. Ironman ask Captain to kill him and end the war. Captain was about to give his last knock down blow but he was stopped by casual people including policemen, medic, firefighters. They take him away.

People stopping Captain America from killing Ironman

Captain ask them to leave him and said that he didn't want to hurt any of them. After hearing this, one of the policemen said that they were already hurt and affected because of their fight. Then Captain looks all around him and notice that all the surrounding area was ruined.

Captain America realizes that he was wrong in Civil War

Captain realizes and drops his shield. He tells Falcon that they were wrong to think that they were fighting for the people. 

Johnny tells Captain that they would end up being a prisoner if they surrender. Spiderman says that they were about to win. Captain sobs and reply that they were wining the fight not the argument.

Captain America surrenders to the Policemen in Marvel's Civil War 2006 Issue #7

After saying this, he takes off his mask and surrender as Steve Roger not as Captain America. 
Captain realised that he failed everyone. He was so much into the fight that he didn't realise that he was hurting casual people and civilians. Captain was desperate enough to include villains in his team as well.

Captain America arrested in the last issue of Civil War

Finally, he realised it though and ask everyone to step back.

Punisher picks the mask of Captain America

Punisher picks up the mask of Captain America from the ground and look at it. 

Two Weeks Later

Reed writes a letter to Susan. He tells the following points in the letter: 
  • He was sorry for his handwriting.
  • He was happy because the war ended.
  • He was happy for Susan because she accepted the general hero amnesty which was given in the wake of Captain America's surrender.
  • He saw Susan during the cleanup but he didn't talk due to awkwardness. 
  • He cried for 93 minutes when he got home.
  • He informs about the Initiative of appointing a Super-team in every U.S state.
  • He explains that it was very tough for them to bring new superheroes instead of old ones.
  • He says that he knew not everyone was happy with them and that's why they left US and shifted to Canada to continue their business. 
  • He also mentions that Captain and some of his members were also underground because of that.
  • He explains that while working alongside the government they were focusing on the environment and poverty. 
  • Lastly, he requests Susan to come back because their family was incomplete without her.
Then we see Susan on the door as she came back to Reed.

Scene 3

Location: The SHIELD Helicarrier

We see Tony and Miriam having a conversation. Tony reveals that he was appointed as the SHIELD Director. Tony orders Maria Hill to bring his coffee. Maria gives a bad-cat look at him. 

Susan Storm (Invisible Woman) comes back to Reed Richards.

Tony tells Miriam that he wanted peace all around and reveals his future plans to endeavor a better future. He also reveals that Negative Zone was 42th idea out of 100 ideas to make this world safe for everyone. While number 43 was to eradicate SHIELD.

Tony Stark aka Ironman becomes the director of SHIELD in Marvel's Civil War 2006.

Miriam thank Tony for all the things he did for the common people. Tony says it was nothing when compared to his future plans.

Ironman and Miriam Sharpey talking in the Helicarrier.



How was your experience? Who was right? Who was wrong? Well if you ask me I would say it depends upon your own perspective. At the end of the day, you are the one who will decide.

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