April 15, 2019

[Announcement] Marvel's Civil War | Episode 3

Marvel's Civil War

Announcement of Episode 3

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The Episode 2 left us all in shock-mode after Spider-Man removed his mask and revealed his identity to everyone, but Episode 3 will be more intense.

Did you ever think that Spider-Man would reveal his identity and risk the life of his close ones?

No!!! I never expected this. 
But it happened in the previous Episode. I think that the decision taken by Spider-Man is influenced by Tony Stark so that he could motivate other superheroes to register themselves.

Spider-Man revealed his identity, Captain America is declared to be a fugitive, Superheroes who didn't sign the registration act are hunted by Shield, and Captain America has formed a secret new team to save those superheroes.
But what next??? What happen now?? 

Well, for that we have to wait for Episode 3. Ohh..no.. you can't wait..?.?..Okay then, if you say, I'll be launching it on 18th April 2019 on Igor11 Comics.

Until then enjoy reading our other famous articles like Games of Superman, Games of Spiderman, Best Marvel Couples.  

A big surprise coming on 17th, stay tuned..

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By: Arbab Ahmad

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