January 29, 2019

What is Marvel Insider?

Today we are going to discuss about the Marvel Insider and it's use and benefit.

First of all let's discuss what is Marvel Insider?
In simple words, it is a membership to become a part of Marvel fan base.
You have to complete some simple tasks and earn new title and points.

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What do we do with those points?
After completing the task we get the points, which we can use to purchase digital Comics, redeem game contents, even get merchandise.

Once per year, Marvel gives shout-out to 3 of its Insider users on Twitter.

What's the benefit of having an Insider account?
There are many exclusive benefits for having an Insider account such as getting coupons for NYCC, exclusive merchandise, purchasing game contents without using real money, and many more.

We the fans made Marvel a success, so Insider is just a thanks from Marvel.

So it's better to get rewarded for being a fan.

Join Insider today.

Thank You.

By: Igor


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