January 30, 2019

House of M | Introduction | Full Comic Explained | Igor11 Comics

Every Comic book fan wants to see Avengers and X-men side by side or against each other.
But what if there is no Avenger or X-men?

Welcome! I would like to announce that a new series based on House of M comic will be started on 1st of February 2019.
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House of M 

What is House of M?
The House of M is comic book series published by Marvel Comics in the year 2005.
It came in 8 issues but we will do it in 7 episodes covering the story in detail.

Something Mysterious has happened in earth resulting in alterations in reality.

And hence, Professor Charles Xavier calls up the Avengers, X-men, and some lone superheroes.

professor x,comics, avengers, xmen, igor, 11, comics
Professor X calls up Avengers and more.

But what's the reason behind this catastrophic environment? 

To know more about it stay tuned.

Episode 1 will come on 1st of February.

By: Igor

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